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This glossary offers you quick and easy explanations of the terms that are used. Clicking on the terms will take you to the FAQs, where you will find more detailed explanations.

If you have any questions regarding your order, call our Shop Hotline on +49 69 75 75-29 99 or send an email to serviceshop@messefrankfurt.com.

For any questions regarding the Intention to exhibit or the registration of joint stand participants, please call us on +49 69 75 75-55 88.

For questions regarding products or services, please get in touch with the responsible teams. They will be happy to assist you.

This is what we mean when we say...

Administrator Employee of Trade Show Suppliers who is able to authorise individuals to place orders that will be billed to the account of charged to the own account of the Trade Show Suppliers.
In order to To place orders that will be billed at the expense of the exhibitor, it is necessary to enter a Stand Code.
Assigned Stands Select the stand from the list for which you would like to place an order.
Add stands and order on your own account, or enter a Stand Code and place orders at the expense of the exhibitor.
Authorised Team Members All persons who are authorised by a Trade Show Supplier’s Administrator to act in the Shop. Each of the Authorised Team Members is assigned to a unit/a subordinated unit and may view and/or order products and services on account of the Trade Show Supplier’s or of the exhibitor’s account.
Blocked Stand Code Users The Contact Person and its Representatives are entitled to block Stand Code User.
Those blocked Users will be shown to the Contact Person and its Representatives by pressing the button Overview of Blocked Stand Code Users.
Business Unit As an Administrator, this is where you can assign Users who are authorised to place orders at the expense of your company's account to separate groups.
Contact Person – Contracting Party An employee of the exhibitor with full authorisation for the Shop for Exhibitor Services. These This authorisation includes designating Representatives, forwarding the Stand Code to other Users or generating a new Stand Code.
The Contact Person – Contracting Party is designated within the Intention to Exhibit.
Corporate Customer Account In order to place orders on your own account, a corporate account at Messe Frankfurt is required. Please register as a corporate customer of Messe Frankfurt and use the function “Create Corporate Customer Account” in the Shop for Exhibitor Services to apply for such an account.
Current Stand Code Users
Clicking on this term will show you all Contact Persons and Representatives using a Stand Code, that have already assigned a stand and will be authorized to place orders to the account of the exhibitor.
Customer Center This is a virtual room containing all of Messe Frankfurt's personalised online offerings. Access these online offerings by using your Messe Login.
To get access to the Customer Center, a one-time registration is required.
General Terms and Conditions Your business relationship with Messe Frankfurt is based on the General Terms and Conditions. The currently valid version can be found in the Shop for Exhibitor Services.
Concerning products and services, the additional Terms of Booking and Delivery are also applicable.
Generating a New Stand Code The Contact Person or their Representatives can invalidate the existing Stand Code and generate a new one.
Once invalidate, it is no longer possible to place orders by entering the old, invalid Stand Code.
Guest Access / Guest Order The Exhibitor Service Shop can only be entered with a Messe-Login. This means that only registered Users are able to view and order services.
Login Access the Shop for Exhibitor Services by using your personal Messe-Login.
If you do not have a Stand Code or a personal account at Messe Frankfurt and therefore no Messe-Login, please complete the one-time Registration first.
Manage Administrators An area within the Shop for Exhibitor Services in which the Administrator of a Trade Show Suppliers is able to add/remove other Administrators.
*For exhibitors: please see User Management.
Messe-Login This is the combination of your email address and your chosen password.
The Messe-Login gives you access to Messe Frankfurt's personalised online offerings. These include:
Ticket Shop
Shop for Exhibitor Services
Navigator Apps
Personal Checklists
Your personal Account (MyAccount)
MyAccount Your personal Account, which you can create once you have completed your Registration. This account contains your personal details, contact details and company details.
The information stored here is valid for all of Messe Frankfurt's personalised online offerings.
Order Status The order status is an overview of all the products and services that were already ordered for the selected stand. Clicking on the “More details”-button within the Order Status will provide you with additional information, such as which User placed the order.
The following are required in order to Login to the shop: an email address and the password you have selected.
(Forgot your password? Click on the button on the registration page or call the Shop Hotline at: +49 69 75 75-29 99)
Payment Payment is to be made by bank transfer on receipt of the invoice.
Photographer Permit In order to be able to take photographs during the trade fair – including of your own stand – it is necessary to obtain a photographer permit from the Show organiser. Apply for these permits in the Shop for Exhibitor Services.
Registration A unique data input, required for the application, enables you to create your personal MyAccount.
Representatives These are designated by the Contact Person. Within the Shop for Exhibitor Services, Representatives have the same rights as the Contact Person. Among other things, this includes the rights to view Stand Codes and forward these to other Users, as well as to Renew Stand Codes.
Shop for Exhibitor Services Here you will find information on any products and services, and can place orders.
In addition, the Contact Person can also designate Representatives, manage Users and forward Stand Codes.
Here, an Administrator of a Trade Show Suppliers can authorise other individuals to place orders at the expense of the Trade Show Supplier´s account.
Shopping Cart A S. is a stand-specific overview of those products and services that have already been selected for ordering. The Shopping Cart is not User-specific. This means that you are able to view all of the products and services that have been added to the Shopping Cart.
Stand Code This is the key required to order services at the expense of the exhibitor. This code is valid for a single stand at one event.
The stand code is saved in the Shop for Exhibitor Services for the Contact Person, who may then pass this code on to other Users.
Stand Codes may only be entered after the User has entered their personal Messe-Login.
Stand Number The stand number makes it possible to determine the precise position of a stand in the exhibition hall. The stand number consists of the Hall, Hall Level, Aisle letter and the number of the stand on the aisle. In special cases, an additional letter code is placed at the end of the stand number in order to distinguish between participants in a joint stand.
The stand number is not the same as the Stand Code!
Trade Show Supplier Any company that orders services from Messe Frankfurt on its own account and which does not itself have a stand rental contract for the event in question.
In order to place orders on your own account, it is necessary to register as a Corporate Customer of Messe Frankfurt.
User Any persons with a personal MyAccount at Messe Frankfurt.
User Management An area within the Shop for Exhibitor Services in which the Contact Person can designate/block Representatives.
* For trade fair service providers: please see Manage Administrators.

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